How to add a new seminar

Add a teacher (referent) if they don’t have a record.

Minimum info: Name (as the title), photo and short description.

Add a new category if required.

Add a new seminar.

  • Enter the name of the seminar as the title.
  • Save Draft
  • Edit the Permalink and give it the seminar number. The number must be unique (not used by any other seminar). This number needs to be three digits – e.g. 0007, 054 or 567. This is the number that will be used to create the related products. This also creates a nice short URL which is useful when emailing a link.
  • Choose Online, Präsenz or both from the Category box on the right.
  • Enter the rest of data and upload a seminar image. The image should be given the seminar number (567.jpg).
  • Set the status to Pending Review.
  • Preview and check that the data is OK. There won’t be any dates or cost yet.

Add a new product for each date

  • Enter the short seminar name as Product name. This is used is in the calendar so max 50 characters or so is ideal to have the title fit on two lines of the calendar.
  • Save Draft
  • Edit the Permalink and give it the seminar number. Important: if there is one more than one product (i.e. date) the Permalink should have a letter after it. If there are two dates for seminar 567 then Permalinks should be 567a for the first one and 567b for second one etc.
  • Choose Online, Präsenz from the Product categories box on the right.
  • In the Products section link the product to the correct seminar and teacher(s).
  • Product data – make sure Simple product is chosen. Select Virtual.
  • General: Enter the price including VAT
  • Inventory: Enter the seminar number as the SKU as above. Select Manage Stock. Enter the max number of participants in Stock Quantity. Allow backorders.
  • Event settings: Is this product an event? Yes. Enter the Start date and Start / End Time.
  • Save as Pending

Go back and edit the seminar

  • Under Relationships connect the seminar to the product(s) and teacher(s). Click on “Search” to see the list if it’s blank. Update.
  • Preview the seminar and check that the dates, prices and teacher(s) are displaying correctly.

Add a new course for each date (LearnDash)

  • Enter the course title (same as the seminar title) with the product number after it like this – Elterngespräche auf Augenhöhe führen (111a)
  • Connect the course to the seminar and teacher(s).
  • There is more info in the Courses support doc on setting up the content for a course.

Go back and edit each product for the seminar

  • Under Product Data: General click in the Learndash Courses box and select the correct LearnDash course. Make sure the product number (e.g. 750a) matches the number at the end of the course title
  • Update.

Check everything and when your are ready make sure the seminar, teacher(s), product(s) and course(s) are all set to Status: Published

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