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Seminar listing (the seminar catalogue page)

Featured Image : Size: 300 x 300
Type: Seminar or Fachqualifizierung. This changes what fields are available. In the following S means the field is used for Seminars, FQ means the field is used for Fachqualifizierung and B means the field is used for both Seminars and Fachqualifizierung.

S) Last minute: should this seminar appear in the last minute sliders?

B) Date description: general text such as "starts in Sept 2020"

B) Time description: the start and stop time on each seminar day e.g. "je 09:00-17:00 Uhr"

B) Has online module: if "Yes" the following field will appear

B) Online description: the start and stop time for the online sessions

B) Category: choose at least one.

B) Veranstaltungs Art: choose at least one.

B) Dauer der Veranstaltung : choose one.

B) Dauer etikett : fill in description

B) Grid description: for the SLP page box. Max 120 characters.

B) Untertitel: for the Single Seminar page box. Max 120 characters.

B) Back panel: For the back panel of the SLP box. Max 450 characters.


B) Products -> link to each of the products that contain the price and the date

B) Referent -> link to the teacher(s) for the seminar / FQ

Single seminar / FQ page (where one seminar and its related dates are shown)
B) Seminarbeschreibung: free text

B) Bullet points Kategorie & Bullet points Inhalt : select one & free text

B) PDF: uploaded PDF for the seminar

B) Abschluss-Qualifikation: choose one

B) Video: uploaded trailer for the course

Fachqualifizierung - this only appears if the Type is set to Fachqualifizierung

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